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It all started with a need. A void to fill, if you will. And that void was a lack of quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone systems that provided the total package of communication tools—from video conferencing to mobility and everything in between—on one user interface without breaking the bank. That’s when Monster Technology, our parent company and a well-known office solutions provider serving over 5,000 customers nationwide, stepped in and created Monster VoIP.
Monster VoIP was established to distribute superior voice quality and maximized uptime to customers from here in L.A. to New York to Washington, D.C. to Houston to Dallas to Chicago and beyond, while delivering unparalleled service and customer satisfaction. We started by setting up data centers in Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, and Minnesota to ensure geo-redundancy, with all endpoints multi-registered at all four facilities. (This is just a fancy way of saying that multiple locations means you can expect amazing voice quality and unparalleled business phone uptime.) We then made sure to offer a complete suite of communication tools in one platform. This means you and your team only have to learn our easy-to-use user interface for all of your communication efforts. To make good on our customer satisfaction promise, we then decided to provide personalized setup and ongoing 24/7/365 support to every business VoIP customer that walks through our (virtual) doors.
As your preferred VoIP provider, we offer the best business phones for small business and large enterprise alike, with custom installation, delivery, and support. With our reputation and integrity on the line, we are committed to maintaining our promises of service uptime and quality all in order to make your company a monster of a business communications expert.
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At Monster VoIP, we get it. Your business relies on technology to communicate, but using multiple resources (and paying a handful of different invoices monthly) isn’t efficient. Moreover, it can be confusing for your team to have to learn to use multiple platforms and cumbersome to switch back and forth between them.
That’s why we strive to deliver the latest and most needed intelligent business communication services in one tidy package to businesses just like yours. Better still, the entire Monster VoIP team is committed to providing outstanding service and support. Our primary offering is our office phone system. This state-of-the-art business phone system includes the latest unified communication tools, including features such as virtual e-fax, web meeting, video meeting, SIP trucking, call center tools, managed networking, and more. We even offer professional voice recordings for a perfect first impression with your clients. At Monster VoIP, we’ve thought of everything you need to effectively communicate with your team and with your customers, so you can focus on what you do best.

About Monster VoIP

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Monster VoIP is a licensed nationwide VoIP service provider that has served our community since 2012. By leveraging our expertise and gaining partnerships, our service now reaches past our local markets—from New York to Washington, D.C. to Houston to Dallas to Chicago and beyond—to help businesses like yours achieve their business communication goals.
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